Business Management & Marketing


business managementStudying for a business management degree permits you to develop a broad understanding of enterprise organisations and supplies you with subject-particular data in areas such as markets, customers, finance, operations, communication, data know-how and enterprise coverage and strategy. Business issues are sometimes addressed at a European and international degree. The MSc Strategic Business Management is designed and awarded by The University of Law and delivered at GISMA’s Berlin campus. Students will study business management theories, connect it with practice by way of analysis, examine case and sensible work, exploring ways administration can contribute significantly to creation of wealth, competitiveness, and community progress. ‘Practitioner Forums’ permit family business owners and repair suppliers to discuss what is relevant and needed to advance the sector via real world application.

You will accomplish the competencies in a collaborative surroundings, via which you can also broaden your networks and enhance your management skill. This program gives concept and concept about business administration, advertising administration, operational administration, human resources administration, finance management, downside-solving and likewise enterprise responsibility for social and surroundings. Graduates anticipated to be able to plan, decision making, briefing, controlling, and analysis based mostly on analysis and accurate info.

Logistics Administration (Cikarang) (

The one-12 months International Business Management program builds on the training and expertise of students in business and commerce. It combines traditional classroom instruction with quite a lot of experiential learning strategies that assist graduates put together for achievement in the office. Business administration ITS (MB-ITS) proudly presents a prestigious twin diploma program in business administration with The University of Queensland (UQ) Australia. Students will have their first three semesters at ITS, second three semesters ar UQ Australia, and again to ITS to complete final two semester and do the final project.

All you need to take into consideration is who will be the handiest particular person to be a group companion. As a enterprise manager, you are given the main responsibility of managing administrative tasks for a enterprise. A company might anticipate you to help with its advertising program. A firm may want you to perform a price range evaluation to be able to discover out ways that the company can reduce costs. You should have an astute understanding of accounting, advertising and administrative procedures that are required so as to run a enterprise.

Broomley (2000) presented that the weak capital will affect the performance of SMEs business so that the products bought quality can be low. Good monetary management will improve enterprise performance. Incoming and outgoing monetary entry methods in business will improve enterprise performance.

Financial administration has a significant impact on the enterprise efficiency. This implies that the better the financial administration of enterprise will further improve the performance of its enterprise.

After that, graduates may have two degrees i.e Sarjana Manajemen (SM) from ITS and Bachelor of Business Management (BBusMan) from UQ. The Business Management and Marketing program supplies the students with up-to-date knowledge, advertising practices, adequate skills to anticipate the adjustments in enterprise surroundings, and likewise the science and art of business concepts and methods.

The differences involved within the success of the Village-Owned Enterprise management is triggered by differences within the utility of presidency enterprise rules, consisting of several aspects together with the marketing strategy, capital, accountability, transparency, reporting, corporate accounting and the payroll system. This research focused on the application of presidency business principles in relation to the management of the Village Owned Enterprise. The analysis used a qualitative analysis method and interactive information analysis method. Furthermore, the research was conducted in two villages; Serang Village, Karangreja Subdistrict, Purbalingga Regency and Pernasidi Village, Cilongok Subdistrict, Banyumas Regency.

Therefore, in enterprise improvement, it’s necessary to improve the coaching for enterprise actors both in the side of entrepreneurship, administration and data in addition to skills in enterprise growth. Improving the standard of human sources is done by way of numerous ways such as schooling and training, seminars and workshops, on the job training, apprenticeship and business cooperation.

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