Important Factors That Influence Solid Teamwork


Working in a team is not always fun. You will not always match your coworkers. You can’t really avoid conflict in a team. Differences of opinion often occur. The performance of one team member also sometimes decreases. However, despite the various deficiencies that exist, cohesiveness can be realized if everyone wants to make a positive contribution. This is not only the leader’s duty, but the duty of each team member. For this reason, consider the following factors so that work teams within a company can be more compact.

Maintained Communication

Communication becomes the foundation of a good working relationship. Awake communication will make the relationship open. Every individual must try to maintain communication in any condition. Each person must learn to be a good communicator. Want to listen and also provide input. Nobody must be passive and selfish. Everyone must be involved in the team.

Mutual respect

Every person in the team must have different capacities. Even though work abilities are not the same, no one can feel the most important and underestimate the others. If you want to be respected, then you have to respect others too. Instill mutual respect so that work relationships remain harmonious.

A sense of belonging

A sense of belonging will create solid teamwork. Everyone wants to contribute the best they can. There is a commitment within yourself to complete the task together. A sense of family is also embedded, so that everyone will take the initiative to help each other. No one only focuses on personal interests, but prefers group interests.

Build Trust

Building trust between work team members will make relationships healthier. Nobody is suspicious of each other, but everyone learns to trust one another. With trust, work will be more comfortable. Give everyone a chance to show their abilities, so that no one feels cornered or underestimated.

Understanding Each Role

Each person in a work team, has their respective roles and will carry out different responsibilities. However, everything will have an impact on the work of other members and targets in the team. For this reason, everyone must be aware of their role and do their best for each task. Do not wait for new orders to work or neglect their duties intentionally. Everything must work professionally.


You might be able to achieve something alone. However, if you want to walk far and achieve great things, then you need someone else to help you. That’s what the team is for. Build collaboration together. Indeed everyone has their respective roles. However, it is important to have complementary attitudes. So if there are members who are struggling, then everyone is willing to help.

Focus on Common Goals

Although each individual may have other interests in work or other activities outside of work, each must learn to focus on common goals. Do not stray from the line of work. For this reason, always emphasize the common goals to be achieved. Things that are privacy and problems in the group, do not become distractions that hinder the achievement of goals.

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