2018 Global Business Ethics Survey™


business ethicsWe strategy workers with honesty and fairness; and ensure a non-discriminatory, safe, and healthy working setting. We undertake the required efforts to enable personal improvement of our staff; with a social awareness support them in volunteering for acceptable social and group activities; and respect and assure the balance between their private and skilled lives.

Ethically, it is the job of company leadership and administration to stay neutral during these conflicts. For example, if two of a manager’s staff are in battle, it’s important for the supervisor to remain as impartial as attainable. When a manager provides preference to a favourite … Read More



business ethics“New Directions in Corporate Social Responsibility,” Norman Bowie (Business Horizons July–August 1991). What is the matter with enterprise ethics? And extra important, what could be done to make it right? The texts reviewed right here make clear both questions.

Friedman, M. (1970).

Corporations are collections of individuals, and we must insist that these people (that might be us) do the right thing. Business is too highly effective for us to depart our humanity at the door of the office. It’s not business, it is private.

In the event that any unauthorized contact, meeting or dialogue happens, the worker should consult … Read More

No such thing as enterprise ethics


business ethicsEmployees of H. Ö. Sabancı Holding and Group Companies shall refrian from accepting presents or advantages which may affect their impartiality, decisions, and conduct; and from offering such gifts and advantages to 3rd get together persons and organizations.

Transparency means working in such a way that it is simple for others to see what actions are carried out. For example, a cashier making change at some extent of sale by segregating a customer’s massive payments, counting up from the sale amount, and placing the change on the counter in such a method as to invite the customer to confirm the … Read More

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